Germany’s GPK to launch production in Zrenjanin in a couple of months’ time

The German company GPK is going to complete the construction of production facilities in the Industrial Zone Southeast in Zrenjanin soon.

This is one of the seven foreign and local companies which are currently building their production facilities in this zone and announcing the creation of new jobs, the city’s official website says.

In Zrenjanin, GPK, which operates under the Berlin-based EKH Group, will produce wheels for garbage containers and cans. The value of the investment, in the first phase, is EUR 3 million, and the plan is to initially employ up to 20 workers. The company’s owner, Klaus Paul said that an expansion of the production was also planned.

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“We had the groundbreaking ceremony in early November last year, and the construction of the facility is nearly over. The whole Europe and the whole world had problems due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in our company, everything is going according to plan despite the pandemic. I am very grateful to the SM Inzenjering Company, which is in charge of the construction works. Zrenjanin is especially grateful for this investment and I would like other investors to come here as well. I, personally, will help in bringing them over here as much as I,” Klaus Paul said.

He announced that the first machines would probably be installed in GPK’s production plant in September and that the production will have launched by the year-end.

The director of the GPK facility in Zrenjanin, Zoran Sipka, added that the plan was for the plant to operate in three shifts and that the entire production was export-oriented.

(B92, 18.06.2020)


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