Germany’s Fischer Automotive Systems to open production plant in Jagodina

The German company Fischer Automotive Systems plans to open a new production facility in Jagodina in 2020. The company produces components and equipment for motor vehicles.

As said on the company’s website, Fischer Automotive Systems offers solutions for car interiors, focusing on drivers’ and passengers’ experience.

“From simple, inexpensive solutions to extremely complex kinematic functions, the industry relies on Fischer to produce creative, high-quality and varied car interior solutions,” the website says.

The company has branch offices in Germany, the USA, China and the Czech Republic, and the branch office in Belgrade was registered on March 19, 2020.

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The Business Registers Agency lists Johannes Konrad as the company’s representative, and the production of other parts and additional equipment for motor vehicles is listed as the company’s core business activity. The company is currently searching for the factory manager on a domestic job site.

The president of the Assembly of Jagodina, Dragan Markovic, said that the company would employ 300 workers, as reported by Beta.

In the next two weeks, the Austrian company Sidel, which produces heavy industry machinery, will begin construction of its plant where 100 people will find work,” said Markovic during a tour in the villages of Dragosevac, Kolare and Glavinci, near Jagodina.

(B92, 30.05.2020)

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