Germany’s Auto-Kabel to double number of workers in its Mionica factory

The German company Auto-Kabel will double the number of employees in its production plant in Mionica (Central Serbia), as it has been announced that the number of workers will increase from the current 300 to 600 in the next three years.

The plant’s expansion and new business projects were announced in the meeting of the management of the German company with the mayor of Mionica, Boban Janković.

“Our German partners from Auto-Kabel are planning to expand the plant and double the number of employees in the next three years. This is very good news for Mionica and its citizens. Auto-Kabel is the largest employer in our municipality and a successful factory that provides living for a huge number of families,” Mionica’s Mayor says.

Auto-Kabel has been doing business in Serbia since 2019, when it started with 90 workers, and now, despite the pandemic, employs 300 people.

In addition to the Mionica plant, which produces electric conductors for motor vehicles, this company, founded in 1930, which is a supplier of major automotive manufacturers such as Audi, Opel, BMW and Mercedes, also has plants in the USA, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France and China and employs more than 4,000 people worldwide.

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(eKapija, 17.03.2021)


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