Germany sides with Kosovo

The German ambassador in Pristina, Joern Rohde, believes that the barricades in northern Kosovo should be removed before Christmas and that Belgrade’s request for the return of Serbian forces to Kosovo is “absurd and unacceptable”.

Rohde told Pristina’s KTV that the barricades should be removed as soon as possible by those who set them up, reports Koha.

“Our position is clear. They (the barricades) are illegal and whoever put them should remove them as soon as possible. KFOR is here to ensure a safe environment and free movement of people. So I am optimistic that the barricades will be removed, I hope as soon as possible because the last thing we need is the further escalation of the tense situation”, said Rohde.

According to his assessment, people in the north are suffering because of the barricades. The German ambassador added that dialogue, not confrontation, is needed and went on to say that Germany supports Pristina in de-escalating the situation.

Serbs living in the north of Kosovo and Metohija are protesting at the barricades due to the arrest of their compatriots and the presence of the Kosovo police in the north of the province. The German ambassador in Pristina assessed Belgrade’s request to KFOR for the return of Serbian forces to Kosovo as “absurd and unacceptable”.

Rohde said that Germany’s position regarding that request is clear, and according to him, the USA shares the same view.

“As you know, Germany has clearly said that that was an unacceptable request. Simply put, an absurd request. There is Resolution 1244 in place”, said Rohde.

He added that Germany and all countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence have accepted that Kosovo is now an independent state and that, as he stated, “it is unthinkable that in an independent country we would do something against the wishes of that independent country.”

Rohde believes that the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities is an obligation that Pristina has undertaken, adding that “the goal here is not forming a copy of the Republic of Srpska”.

(Politika, 20.12.2022)

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