Germany changes rules for immigration of foreign workers – chance for Serbian workforce

The German authorities intend to double the quota for the immigration of unskilled workers from Serbia and the neighbouring regions, says the draft law, which the DPA news agency has access to. In the future, Germany will take up to 50,000 unskilled foreign workers annually.  

This is the so-called Western Balkan rule, which foresees preferential access to the German labour market for citizens of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

According to the current laws, the skilled workforce from any other part of the world can get a visa for Germany only for professions they have been educated for, while the Balkan workforce can get jobs and a work visa, even when they work outside their profession or without a professional qualification.

The draft law also stipulates the so-called “chance map”, that is, the possibility for people to simply move to Germany and look for a job there, on the spot. During this time, they have the right to work part-time outside their profession to earn a living.

According to DPA, the chance card should be awarded according to the new scoring system to anyone who manages to collect six points.

Four points are given for certain qualifications, three points for good knowledge of German or three years of work experience, two points if the person is under 35 years of age, and one point if he/she previously resided legally in Germany for at least six months.

Germany has estimated that it needs at least 400,000 foreign workers to maintain the proper functioning of its economy and the health and care of the elderly citizens.

(Blic, 09.01.2023)

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