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Economy expert, Branislav Gulan reveals the results of the latest survey about the state of the Serbian agriculture, and says that Serbia is an agrarian country with a very low productivity in agriculture.

“This is validated by the fact that Serbian farmer produces enough food to feed only 15 people, while, in Germany, the typical farmer produces sufficient food for 152 people, in France for 77 people, in Austria for 56 people, and in Slovenia 25 people. The EU average is between 50 and 80 people”, Gulan warns.

He adds that low living standard and poor food consumption in Serbia is particularly seen in consumption of meat and meat-based products.

“An average citizen of Serbia annually consumes 15.4 kilogrammes of pork, while in the EU that consumption stands at 32 kilogrammes. The annual consumption of beef in Serbia is 4.4 kg per capita, while in the EU it is 15kg. We are in a somewhat better position when it comes to poultry where an average Serbian citizen consumes around 17.3kg annually, while an EU citizen consumes only 4kg more, i.e. 21.6”, Gulan adds.

The similar situation is with other food too, particularly with milk and dairy products.

“In Serbia, an average citizen drinks 56 litres of milk a year, while in the EU, the average milk consumption is 100 litres per capita. The biggest difference can be seen in consumption of butter – a Serbian citizen eats only 200gr of butter a year, while his EU counterpart consumes between 4 and 5kg”, Gulan adds.

“Although Serbia has a agricultural development strategy, which was adopted in 2014 and which stipulates an annual growth of 9%, in the first year of the strategy’s implementation, our country recorded an 8% drop in agricultural production”, Gulan says and cites advocates consolidation of agricultural farms, subsidies for raw materials and machinery, and return of cooperatives as solutions to this problem.

(Blic, 15.10.2017)



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