German Vorwerk to open a factory in Serbia?

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic met with the management and the proprietor of the German company Vorwerk in Belgrade today.

This family business was founded in 1827 in one of the biggest German states called North Rhine-Westphalia. It currently has around 1,500 employees and own production facilities in Wuppertal, Germany; Cloyes, France; and Shanghai, China. The company is currently contemplating a making a greenfield investment in Serbia, i.e. opening of a factory that would produce parts for the German automobile industry.

The meeting was also attended by the German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittmann who said that German companies operating in Serbia have all had very positive experiences here. He added that there was a great interest shown by German companies for investing in Serbia due to the country’s stable business environment and efficient implementation of economic reforms.

President Vucic invited Vorwerk and other German companies to invest in Serbia, adding that “Serbia is the best country in Southeast Europe for companies which are export oriented”. He also said that the towns of Loznica and Kraljevo, which the German company wanted to know more about, would offer good conditions for launching production.

(Danas, 04.07.2017)

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