German MPs urge Serbian opposition to take part in upcoming elections

The representatives of the German parliamentary parties that Deutsche Welle spoke with agree in principle that the Serbian government did not do what was required of it in order to make the June 2nd elections truly fair, but at the same time, they call for the elections to be held anyway because the opposition’s boycott, they believe, will do greater damage to democracy in Serbia.

A group of opposition politicians from Serbia visited the Bundestag in mid-April and directly presented their problems regarding the upcoming elections to the European Union Affairs Committee.

Vučić as the supposed guarantor of stability

Thomas Hacker, who follows events in the Western Balkans for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) and who attended the meeting with Serbian opposition members in the Bundestag, says that the opposition must take advantage of the election opportunity.

“The Serbian opposition should use the opportunity to go to the elections on June 2 and not treat it so lightly”, says Hacker. He believes that boycotting the elections would only wind to the sails of the ruling party. “I do not believe that the boycott is in the best interest of the citizens. That is why the opposition parties should also give their voters the opportunity to cast their vote. Otherwise, the only profiteer would be the supposed guarantor of stability Aleksandar Vučić and his SNS party,” concludes Hacker.

His colleague from the parliamentary group of the opposition Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in the Bundestag, Gunther Krichbaum, also highlighted the responsibility that opposition politicians in Serbia have towards their voters. “The people who voted for the united opposition in the last elections connected did so because they wanted the opposition to control the power struggle in the Serbian Parliament and offer an alternative to the government’s policy with their own programme. But that can only be achieved in the parliament, not in the street”, Krichbaum believes.

He believes that by boycotting the elections, the opposition would practically voluntarily cancel its parliamentary work, which, he says, is also in contradiction with the postulates of the European Union. “The boycott is not in line with the EU integration process, which requires democratic interaction between the opposition and the government”, a CDU politician told DW.

Krichbaum views the divergence of opposition forces in Serbia critically because he believes that the opposition must act united in order to be able to create a democratic counterbalance to the ruling party.

(Deutsche Welle, 26.04.2024)

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