German MP and CDU member Peter Beyer: No EU membership without recognizing Kosovo’s independence first

“Kosovo is actually territorially independent and Serbia needs to recognize the sovereign state of the Republic of Kosovo because otherwise it will not be allowed to join the EU”, said Peter Bayer, a member of the German Bundestag and a close associate of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The German parliamentarian, who is visiting Belgrade, underlines that it is important that everyone understands that from the very beginning of the dialogue, it was clear that the normalization of relations would not happen if there is no recognition of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo.

Beyer, who is also a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the coordinator of transatlantic cooperation in the German parliament, said in an interview for Tanjug that his statement about November being “the decision-making month for the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue with EU mediation,” was, in fact, not his own assessment, but “a prediction of Kosovo President Thaci.” 

He reiterates that Germany is against “land swap or correction of borders”, and adds that goal of his trip to Belgrade, “apart from getting acquainted with Serbia’s progress in the process of European integration,” is to convey Germany’s view that the idea of the land swap is bad and dangerous. 

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Beyer adds that that Angela Merkel is the only head of state in the EU who clearly said that that was not a good idea, since it was dangerous, “not only for the stability of Serbia and Kosovo, but also dangerous for the Republic of Serbia, Ukraine and the Crimea case, or other parts of Eastern Europe”.

Asked what Germany sees as a possible solution, Beyer advises: “You concentrate on the Brussels agreement and its implementation. There are no new conditions. I believe that both sides, Serbs and Kosovars (Kosovo Albanians), as well as the EU Commission and EU High Representative, should go back and read what was stated in the Brussels agreement and what has been achieved so far,” he said. And as one of the acceptable options, Beyer mentioned the so-called “Two Germanys” model. 

“Now is the time to analyze this model and other options, but no one should live under an illusion that a peaceful solution will be achieved by drawing new boundaries based on an ethnic principle,” Beyer says.

He adds that he does not believe in the option of a frozen conflict and that Serbia should not be afraid of the creation of the Kosovo army. 

(Vecernje Novosti, 24.10.2018)



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