German investors have no intention of leaving Serbia

Pressure on Serbia due to its principled stance on the crisis in Ukraine and its decision not to impose sanctions on Russia has given rise to speculation that some German investors, who employ some 77,000 workers here, are considering leaving the country.

The president of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Milan Grujić, said that that is not true and that German companies operating in Serbia have no plans to leave. “According to our information and our inclination, it is not true that German companies in Serbia want to leave the country,” Grujic underlined. The latest survey results have shown that although the general opinion is that the Ukrainian war does have a critical impact on the current situation in business, the idea of leaving Serbia has not been expressed.

Grujic also says that the information that some German companies have stopped their plans of coming to Serbia is untrue and adds that companies such as MTU, Hansgrohe, Biserba and Continental are continuing with the construction of their production plants. Grujic also confirms that the Chamber still receives several requests a week from German companies, both big and small, interested in learning about the conditions for doing business in Serbia.

According to him, the strategy of all big companies in Serbia is to fortify their supply chains at the regional level and in that way secure their future in the region.

“In the last 20 years, German companies have invested some 3.6 billion euros in Serbia, and even before the pandemic, Serbia’s investment appeal had been recognised,” Grujic concluded.

(Biznis, 17.04.2022)


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