German investments most popular in Serbia

People in Serbia see Germany as the most desired investor – the results of a survey called “Serbian citizens’ perception of German business and investments” have shown.

Almost one third of the surveyed people have said this, and as for the main reason why they chose Germany, the survey participants quoted the high level of the country’s economic, business and industrial development, rather than the German state or social system.

German Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Axel Dittman reminded, at a gathering in the Belgrade hotel Metropol, that there were close to 400 German companies operating in Serbia which invested a total of 1.8 billion EUR and had close to 35,000 employees.

The Ambassador also commended the adoption of the Law on Dual Education which foreign investors deem very important.

The survey results have also shown that Russia, China and Switzerland all scored lower than Germany as desired investors, but are still highly wanted as investors. Another interesting point that the survey has revealed is that, when given choice, Serbian citizen would rather live and work in Serbia than in Germany. Although, Serbia got a marginal advantage over Germany in this respect.

The survey was conducted by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) on 1,200 participants.

(B92, 14.11.2017)


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