German government:”All-Serb Assembly worrying”

The All-Serb Assembly held in Belgrade on June 8 is worrying and Germany and the West do not support this activity, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was quoted as saying in a statement released by Bosnian Presidency Chair Denis Becirovic who talked to her in Berlin on June 11, Beta reported.

According to the statement by Becirovic’s office, Baerbock said threats to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina are completely unacceptable to Germany and the West.

Becirovic’s office said that during his talk with Baerbock, he said that the All-Serb Assembly of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska (RS) is “the biggest attack on the Dayton Peace Accords since 1995” and “a blow to international law and the foundations that the European Union lies on.”

It added that Becirovic informed Baerbock about the “anti-Dayton and anti-constitutional activities of RS leaders,” and pointed to the “importance of the existence of firm cooperation between the international community and the domestic authorities in preventing separatist policy.”

The office said Becirovic particularly highlighted “the danger of the unconstitutional meddling of Serbia in the internal affairs of the sovereign state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

It quoted him as saying that Baerbock had confirmed “Germany’s unquestionable support to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the road to full membership in the European Union and NATO.”

Earlier, the US embassy in Sarajevo said that the conclusions adopted at the recent All-Serb Assembly in Belgrade were not a defence of the Dayton Agreement but an attack on that agreement and the state institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Nedeljnik, 12.06.2024)


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