German company Vorwerk increases investment in Serbia

The German company Vorwerk, which opened a car parts factory near Čačak two years ago, intends to expand the technological process.

Instead of just assembly, it will switch to production in the Preljina facility, where the company’s divisions – Vorwerk Autotec Serbia, Vorwerk Drivetec Serbia and Eldisy Serbia – operate.

In this regard, an application was submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection for approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study on the reconstruction and integration of the technological process in the industrial complex. It is added that there is talk of technology transfer to Serbia and it is noted that the production capacity will be increased in phases.

In the first phase, the acquisition of basic equipment and the smaller production capacity is planned, which will be increased in the coming years to the planned maximum.

Vorwerk is expected to produce 1.5 million pieces of metal and rubber bearings per week, 10 million of all types of assemblies per year and 1.2 million pieces of plastic injection-moulded components per month. Eldisy will produce 970,000 drainage components per year and 5.9 million pieces of window sealing systems per year.

(, 11.10.2022)



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