German company to open an automotive parts factory in Priboj

A German company has begun constructing an automotive parts factory in Priboj, which, when finished, will employ around 400 workers.

“This is the first new factory in our town after 40 years. The investor is a German company, and 400 workers are expected to be employed, which is of great importance for Priboj,” the president of the municipality of Priboj, Lazar Rvovic, has said.

According to him, a four-star-hotel is also currently being built in Priboj.

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Rvovic added that the municipal authorities agreed with the investor to also help with reconstructing the old part of Priboj, namely repairing building facades.   

“For us, this investment means new jobs and an opportunity for young people to have a better life,” Rvovic went on to say.

He added that the municipality has resumed works on road infrastructure in the town which were stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic and that all ongoing infrastructure projects would be completed within the set deadlines.

(B92, 11.05.2020)


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