German company to open a production plant in Pancevo

The Pancevo City Authorities have sent a proposal to the City Assembly for over 23 hectares of the North Industrial Zone to be sold to the Belgrade-based company Naval Box-Cal for RSD 178.1 million, says the material for tomorrow’s session of the City Assembly of Pancevo.

Naval, a branch of the German company MK-Kliniken AG, plans to open a factory that would assemble specialized containers, without any state incentives or grants.

The Government of Serbia has rated this as an important investment for the Republic of Serbia, and Naval will accordingly buy the land through direct bidding. The initial price is 786.7 dinars per square metre.

Naval plans to build a factory that will span 10,000 square metres and employ 50 full-time workers in the first two years.

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The total investment, in the land, the facilities, the equipment and the parts amounts to EUR 10 million, says the letter of intent.

In the next 10 years, the company plans to invest a total of EUR 60 million in Pancevo, i.e. expand the factory to span 100,000 square metres and have around 1,000 employees, says the document.

The parent company, MK-Kliniken AG, is developing a programme for designing specialized transportation containers which can be assembled quickly in order to form living and working space in line with the clients’ needs, and the Naval branch will be carrying out the finishing works on the containers in Pancevo.

(Blic, 18.05.2020)

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