German company IGB Automotive in Indjija: New plant and 150 new jobs

IGB Automotive Comp Indjija expects its new production facility to be completed by the end of the year, and the plan is to employ an additional 150 workers in the next month, Dnevnikreports.

The German company I.G. Bauerhin GmbH, which owns an office in Indjija, produces car seat and steering wheel heaters, seat occupancy sensors, seat heater cables and electrical control units. It takes the top spot in Serbia in size, the number of employees and sales figures within the I.G. Bauerhin Group. This has all been accomplished in the nine years of its operations in Serbia, explains the company’s general manager, Dalibor Beric, for Dnevnik.

– Today, IGB Automotive Comp Indjija employs more than 1,650 workers and manufactures more than 18 million products a year, and the plan is to employ an additional 150 workers in the next month. Seat heaters and sensors made in Serbia are installed in a large number of vehicles made in Europe, such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, Renault etc. The I.G. Bauerhin Group is present in almost all continents and provides its clients with high quality products in line with the established automotive industry standards. Each production unit has its own market, so the products from Indjija meet the requirements of the very demanding European clients.

The German company signed an agreement with the Government of Serbia on the allocation of incentives for the construction of a new production facility for car seat heaters and sensors last year. The construction of the new facility began this April.

– The works are in progress and we expect them to be completed by the end of 2016. In line with the set business goals and the defined business plan, IGB Automotive Comp Indjija will employ 500 new workers following the realization of the new production facility. We have already started employing and training workers, so the number of employees will exceed 1,800 by mid-October – Beric says.

By the way, IGB Automotive Indjija is currently celebrating its ninth anniversary in the local market and has expressed satisfaction with the production conditions and the work force, Dnevnik writes.

(eKapija, Dnevnik 25.09.2016)

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