German company Groschopp to open a factory in Topola

A member of the Topola Municipal Council, Dragan Jovanovic, has announced the arrival of the German company Groschopp, which will produce industrial electric motors and robots in the village of Žabare near Topola.

Jovanovic wrote on his Facebook profile that it was agreed for the German company to open a subsidiary and called this important “for the income tax revenues for the municipality too”.

“The investment itself will be worth several million euros and the factory will employ a large number of workers, both male and female, both high school and university graduates,” Jovanovic said.

He added that the project is currently being prepared and that the exact number of employees would be known once that is finished, which is expected by late January.

Jovanovic also said that the German partner would rent existing space in the village of Žabare, which is currently in a dilapidated condition and out of use.

“The municipal authorities undertook to sell the entire facility to the German partner at the market price in 2022,” Jovanovic explained.

According to him, one section of the facility currently houses a school and a preschool institution group, and the German company agreed to build a new school within a year on the land provided by the municipality in agreement with the local community.

(eKapija, 09.01.2022)



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