German companies in Serbia will increase number of their workers by 30%

Despite Germany officially declaring that it has entered recession, German companies in Serbia will generally continue to invest in Serbia and promise to increase the number of employees by around 30 percent next year.

German and Serbian companies, members of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, have positively assessed the economic climate in Serbia, and despite the current crisis, 87 percent of the surveyed companies would invest in Serbia again.

In February and March of this year, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey on the business environment in Serbia among its members. The latest results point to the fact that there is continued confidence of German companies in Serbia as an investment destination, despite challenges related to geopolitics and the global economy.

Their assessment of the economic situation in Serbia for 2023 has not worsened. On the contrary, optimism in the Serbian economy is growing again. Almost half of the surveyed companies (47 percent) rate their business as good, and only 6 percent as not good enough. Their business forecasts for this year are optimistic and only 7 percent of respondents fear a deterioration.

When it comes to business development and additional employment in 2023, 45 percent of surveyed companies plan to increase the number of employees, 52 percent of companies will keep the same number of employees, while only 3 percent of respondents assume that the number of employees in their companies will decrease. This result unequivocally points to the fact that German companies will continue to create new jobs in Serbia.

34 percent of surveyed companies plan to increase investments in 2023, while 13 percent have announced lower investments. When evaluating the factors that affect business in Serbia, the worst rated were workforce availability, weak fight against corruption and crime, political and social stability, as well as transparency in public tenders.

Criteria related to the labour market in Serbia received satisfactory grades from German-Serbian companies, i.e. German companies are satisfied with the qualification, productivity and willingness of employees to work.

(Bloomberg Adria, 01.06.2023)

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