German-Belarusian company BSGS to invest in Svilajnac

The Svilajnac authorities signed a new investment contract on May 25 with the German-Belarusian company BSGS (Best Services Giant Solutions).

The BSGS Company produces electronics and installs various types of light products. Once the company opens a production plant in Svilajnac, all of the product range will be exported to the Western European market.

“The company will purchase land, build a new 5,000-sqm-facility, and employ between 150 and 200 workers. I am glad that electronics companies find Svilajnac attractive for launching a business, as this is important for both our municipality and Serbia,” said Mayor Predrag Milanovic and added:”Companies operating on the territory of our municipality currently need 350 new workers. To accommodate that we are going to hold a regional job fair.”

General Manager of BSGS, Dusko Nikic, said that, after extensive market research, the company decided to invest in Serbia and Svilajnac: “After analysing a number of European countries, we decided on Serbia because the country offers the best conditions to investors. We opted for Svilajnac after touring the whole of Serbia, because we can get the best logistics and support here. Plus, the geostrategic location suits us.”

At first, the company will work in rented facilities. The machinery has already arrived and is currently being installed, and the worker recruitment process has started.  The total value of the investment is about 3 million euros.

(Media-PS, 26.05.2022)



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