German automotive giant to invest in Serbia?

A large German automotive company, which revenue is almost as high as Croatia’s GDP, could soon arrive in Serbia and open an electric car component factory in Central Serbia.

Nobody has officially confirmed this as yet, but the media have been speculating about it for a few days now after Mate Rimac, the owner of the Croatian electric car producer Rimac Automobiles, posted this information on his Facebook profile.

Rimac said that he had attended the gathering at a big German car company, with revenues equalling Croatia’s GDP, but didn’t specify which one.

The German company, he said, was looking for a location in Eastern Europe for the construction of an electric engine plant, which 15 states competed for.

As he says, eventually, only Serbia and Macedonia remained as options and the company finally picked Serbia, where hundreds of thousands of propulsion systems for electric cars are to be produced.

“Due to the proactivity of the Serbian government, the German company agreed on another big project”, he wrote.  

During his recent official visit to Germany and after meeting with the German Chancellor, Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said that the Germans were planning another „major, important investment” that he was not at liberty to discuss as yet.

(Blic, 28.02.2018)


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