German ambassador to Kosovo: Dialogue at standstill

The German ambassador to Kosovo, Angelika Viets said that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina was one of the political priorities in Kosovo, adding that she sees no way how and when is the dialogue going to continue.

When asked whether the power balance in the dialogue was off, with the strong Aleksandar Vucic, on one side, and weak Kosovo, on the other, Viets said for Deutsche Welle that there was a great asymmetry between the two sides.

“There is President Vucic, on one side, who grew stronger out of the recent election and is backed by a very strong political party, while here, in Kosovo, you have three different political camps and no national consensus on any topic whatsoever. In such situation, the continuation of the talks is hardly possible”, said the German ambassador.

The ambassador also said that Kosovo had been weakening its position because of the political disunity, and added that she couldn’t say at which level the talks could have continued.

“It would be difficult to continue the dialogue without having the Kosovo Parliament involved”, Viets thinks.

She goes on to say that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina has been at a standstill for over a year, and that there are numerous agreements in place, like the ones about the Serbian community in Kosovo and energy, that are not being implemented.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.08.2017)

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