Geox announces production expansion in Vranje

The Geox production facility in Vranje is one of the 24 such facilities that the renowned footwear manufacturer has all over the world, and, according to the President of Geox Group Mario Moretti Polegato, it is also one of the most modern. He visited the Vranje factory and, on the occasion, announced production growth, as well as higher salaries for the workers.

Although, he spoke to the gathered media mostly about achieved results and ambitious plans for the company, the journalists also asked about the complaints filed by two female workers, who were fired following claims that the working conditions at the factory wee bad and that they had been bullied by certain managers from Italy.

“We did nothing wrong and we did not fire anybody. We used the probationary period to make the final selection of the people that we needed for the factory”, Polegato claims.

Geox in Vranje has 1,277 employees and the average salary there is 340 EUR. The company’s management has announced a salary hike (by 1/5) in January.

“We are currently producing 6,000 pairs a day and we plan to increase this first at 7,000 and later, when we engage cooperators, this number can go up to 10,000. What we want to do here is to transfer the culture of making footwear and cooperate with the people who had never produced footwear in this way. If mistakes were made and if any of the claims that these workers had made proved to be true, I would like to use this occasion to apologize”, Polegato added.

(eKapija, 20.11.2016)

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