General strike at Fiat Plastic starts

Employees of the FIAT Plastic plant in Kragujevac went on strike at 6:00 am on Thursday, protesting a pay cut.

The Beta news agency said it was told by strike organizers that the strikers are at their workplaces and are fully abiding by pandemic-prevention measures. Strike committee spokesman Bojan Bozovic said that both shifts will be on strike until their demands are met and will not make bumpers for the FIAT 500L.

He said the FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) plant had secured a large number of bumpers which he said were not being stored properly.

Bozovic also said that the demands include restoring the level of vacation allowances and the payment of 65 percent of salaries for employees on paid leave instead of the 60 percent at present.

Bozovic added that FIAT Plastic employees were being punished by having their salaries reduced after the plant Independent Union refused to sign what it felt was an illegal collective job contract which included a paragraph saying that the employees agreed to give up their right to strike. He said the employers changed the employment rules unilaterally.

Plant staff staged a one-hour warning strike on January 12 before unsuccessful negotiations were launched.

(N1, 18.02.2021)

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