Gazprom decides that Turkish Stream will run through Serbia

Russian company Gazprom has decided that the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will branch out in Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. The daily writes that the relevant preparatory procedures had already been carried out in these countries.

Kommersant also writes that the first deliveries of gas to Bulgaria and Serbia will begin in 2020, and Russian gas is to reach Hungary a year later, which will enable the Russian company to stop delivering gas through Ukraine in 2022.

The daily says that the Turkish Stream is practically identical to the South Stream, a project which was discontinued in 2014 by the EU under pressures from the USA.

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This time around, it will be much more complicated to have the project stopped, as Gazprom is fully complying with the EU laws – the daily reports.

Although Greece is also supposed to connect to the pipeline, it is not yet quite clear what the arrangement will look like. It is assumed that Greece will connect to the pipeline through Bulgaria or replace Azerbaijani gas with the Russian one after the TAP pipeline is built, which is also planned for 2020. 

(Sputnik, 22.11.2018)


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