Gas to flow from Bulgaria to Serbia via TurkStream in May 2020

Gas supplies from Bulgaria to Serbia via the TurkStream pipeline will begin by May 2020, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov said Monday, adding that Bulgaria was building 5km of the pipeline a day.

“When we do our share of the work and Serbia does their share of the work, we will make a good business out of using our gas pipelines, motorways and railway. Both countries will be collecting fees,” Borisov told Serbian Prva TV.

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He said Bulgaria had an agreement with Moscow on supplies of Russian gas until 2030.

Borisov also said the eastern leg of Corridor 10 in Serbia was very significant for his country and for connecting the Bulgarian ports of Varna and Burgas with Western Europe by road.

He added his country was finishing the last remaining sections of its own stretch of Corridor 10, slated to be completed by 2021.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov also said that the Balkan leg of the TurkStream was a kind of a political motorway ensuring peace along with its economic benefits.

In September this year, Bulgaria signed a 1.1 billion euro contract with Saudi-led group Arkad to build the 474 km pipeline across its territory.

Sofia hopes the whole pipeline, which Bulgaria has dubbed Balkan Stream, will become operational as early as 2020, but given that the contract with Saudi company was signed only in September, some industry officials are doubtful of the timeline.

(Politika, 11.11.2019)




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