Gas pipeline in Serbia to be completed by December 2019

Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy, Aleksandar Antic met in St. Petersburg with the Chairman of the Gazprom’s Managing Board, Alexi Miller who said that the Russian company would continue to supply Serbia regularly with gas and that the gas pipeline, that runs through Serbia, would be completed in mid-December 2019.

In his statement to Tanjug, Antić said that he and Miller also talked about the overall cooperation, and Gazprom’s CEO expressed a firm stance that Gazprom would provide all the necessary quantities of gas for Serbia.

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“We also talked about the gas pipeline through Serbia, a joint project developed by the Gastrans Company, and we noted that this project was developing in accordance with the planned dynamics and that the line segment of this gas pipeline would have been completed in mid-December 2019, as planned,” Antic added.

As he pointed out, the gas pipeline was a very important project for Serbia. “It changes the position of Serbia on the gas map and in the long-term, ensures that Serbia has a secure supply of gas and can continue with the further re-industrialization of the country,” the Minister said.

Antić also said that the TE-TO Pančevo project, which is being developed by Gazprom Energoholding together with the Petroleum Industry of Serbia, is was going well and that it would be completed in 2020.

He added that he also talked with Miler about the further gas system installation in Serbia and that one of the priorities would be finding alternative gas system installation options, that is, the possibility of installing gas system in those parts of the country that are not covered by the gas pipeline grid by ensuring gas supply through LNG, i.e. SPG or compressed gas, which would be produced on the territory of Serbia.

(eKapija, 06.06.2019)


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