Gaming industry in Serbia recording constant y-o-y growth

In the past 15 years, with the advent of mobile phones, the gaming industry has experienced expansion and is growing continuously from year-on-year, said Playstudios Europe director Nikola Mitić.

“Last year, the global revenue generated from gaming amounted to 220 billion dollars”, Mitić told Tanjug.

As for job vacancies, Mitic points out that the demand for designers and programmers is strong.

“There are a number of positions available. Entering the industry itself is difficult, as it requires multidisciplinarity – knowledge of design, illustration, programming, marketing and others,” said Mitić.

The gaming industry in Serbia constantly growing

Sanja Žugić from Playstudios Europe and the Serbian Gaming Association (SGA), pointed out that the SGA currently has more than 140 member companies that employ over 2,500 people.

She said that with the number of women in the video game industry, Serbia is ahead of the European average.

“Of the total number of employees in the gaming industry in Europe, 22 percent are women, while in Serbia the number of women is 30 percent. In Playstudios Europe, 33 percent of all workers are women and they occupy 50 percent of leadership positions”, said Žugić.

She predicts that the gaming industry in Serbia will grow strongly and that joining a gaming association is necessary, in order for gaming companies to position themselves more easily on the global market.

She added that our country currently has 10 large game development studios, 50 medium-sized and 60 small ones.

(Biznis i Finansije, 07.11.2023)

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