Games.con gaming festival in Belgrade

The Games.con crew is back with the eighth edition of the most popular festival among gamers.

Visit Hall 1 and 1A of the Belgrade Fair from December 8th to 10th and prepare to have fun like never before. Games.con is a festival dedicated to fans of gaming and popular culture, but also to all those gamers who want to play and compete.

So come and try the latest games from local indie studios, talk to their creators and visit the Shift2Games booth, where you can find out all about how to join the video game industry in Serbia.

In the fairgrounds, you can’t miss the big indie zone, where as many as ten local gaming studios and teams will present demos of their games. You can also get a Steam Key for some of them and leave valuable feedback to the developers based on which they will further improve their game.

Right next to the indie zone, there will be a Shift2Games platform booth, where the Serbian Games Association team will explain everything you need to know about how to get started in the world of video games and how one day you too can work in gaming.

The tickets cost from 800 to 1,400 dinars. For more information about the Festival please go to .

(City Magazine, 07.12.2023)

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