Game Jam to take place at Dorćol Platz this weekend

A competition aimed at creating games for young talents, exhibitions and other group activities will take place during the last weekend of May at Dorćol Platz, along with the Mathematics Month event.

This year’s Mathematics Month will feature numerous interesting activities, exhibitions, workshops and even theatre performances. Also, there will be competitions for young people, students and teachers.

The organizers of this year’s event, the Center for the Promotion of Science, the SANU Mathematical Institute and the Nordeus Foundation, have designed activities that link math, art, gaming and programming. One such activity is a three-day “game jam,” a competition to develop games on a given topic, which will be held as part of the M3 Gaming Weekend at Dorćol Platz.

In addition to Game Jam, as the central event, which is organized with the support of the gaming studio Playstudios Europe, and will last from May 27 to 29, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in the gaming fair with other local teams and art students, as well as play on latest and vintage games.

Game Jam is a great opportunity for young people to create their first games with the help of a mentor, gain valuable experience and connect with the professional gaming community.

Teams will be joined by high school students who have made their own games under the auspices of the Makers Lab programme and will exhibit them as part of the M3 event.

(Nova, 24.05.2022)



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