Gallup: Half of the people in Serbia would receive the vaccine compared to 67 percent in the world

67% of people in the world are ready for anti-COVID vaccination, while in Serbia, 49% of citizens would receive the vaccine if it is publicly available and if it is considered safe and effective, show the results of a Gallup survey conducted in 40 countries late last year.

According to the press release, 39 percent of the survey respondents in Serbia would refuse the vaccine, while 12 percent were undecided. The results of the study, in which more than 38,000 respondents around the world participated, show that around 25 percent of people in the world would refuse the opportunity for vaccination, and less than 10 percent are hesitant on that issue.

The anti-COVID vaccine, and vaccines in general, usually enjoy the trust of the people worldwide and survey results show that 67 percent of people would agree to being vaccinated. However, in some countries, hesitation towards vaccination is greater than the readiness to receive it, even though vaccines are generally considered safe and effective.

The survey also showed that there is a need for more explanations from medical experts and public institutions in order to convince people of the safety of the vaccine.

Nearly three out of four respondents, 67 percent of them worldwide, have expressed a willingness to sacrifice certain human rights if it helps prevent the spread of the disease, while every fourth has the opposite opinion. The results are similar in Serbia, where 67 percent respondents would sacrifice their rights in this case, while 29% are not ready for that.

There is, however, a clear trend of declining willingness to sacrifice human rights, as people around the world have overcome the initial shock of a new disease. In the first global polls in the spring of 2020, the willingness to renounce human rights went up to 80 percent worldwide.

(, 24.01.2021)


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