Galenika: Bidders asked to correct their bidding documents

The documentation that the bidder or bidders for the pharmaceutical company Galenika have submitted is incomplete, and they will be given additional deadline to complete the required documentation.

The Ministry of Economy did not reveal which of the two bidders – Switzerland’s Amicus or Brazil’s EMS – submitted incomplete documents. It could be that both companies need to provide additional paperwork.

The original deadline for submission of bids was 2nd October, 2017, noon with two companies sending in their bids – Amicus SRB d.o.o. from Belgrade and Aelius from Luxembourg which operates under EMS SA from Brazil.

“The relevant commission checks the submitted bidding documents, after which it instructs the line ministry to accept them or to approve an additional deadline for completion of the required documents. The opening of the actual bid (with the financial details) will ensue only when the commission ascertains that all other submitted documents are in line with the rules of procedure”, the Ministry of Economy says.

The Ministry cannot give the exact day when the financial bids are going to be opened, but it expects this to happen in the second half of October.

EMS SA from Brazil is the biggest pharmaceutical company in that country which also participated in last year’s bidding for a 25% share in Galenika. However, back then, the company failed to adhere to the requirements of the tender.

Amicus operates under the biggest Swiss investment fund – HBM – which usually invests in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The owners of Amicus are also the founders of PharmaSwiss, a pharmaceutical company that has a factory here and is the second biggest drug producer in Serbia.

To remind, the Serbian government specifies that only those companies that have an annual revenue of over 300 million EUR can bid for Galenika.

(Politika, 04.10.2017)


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