Fuel prices go up again

Although the price of crude oil on the international stock exchanges has fallen by a few dollars a barrel in the last month (on July 9th, it was $73.94 and on August 9th, $71.68), and the dinar exchange rate is still stable, the price of fuel on petrol stations in Serbia are going up instead of down.

Thus, on Friday, compared to a month ago, the price of the 95 octane petrol was higher by 1.2 to 2 dinars per litre (depending not only on the fuel company, but also on each individual petrol station). On Friday, the retail price of this type of fuel fluctuated between 154.2 and 154.9 dinars per litre at the petrol stations in Belgrade, while on some petrol stations along the main motorway, it was even more expensive.

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The price of the Eurodiesel is a bit lower, by between 1 and 1.5 dinars on average. The current price of this type of fuel stands between 163.4 to 163.9 dinars per litre.

The price of fossil fuel additives, or those with higher octane values, grew by one dinar on Friday, relative to the prices from the beginning of July.

“The fuel prices are slightly higher”, says Bora Tatic, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Private Petrol Stations of Serbia, and adds:”But this is the result of the overall consumer price growth in the period of one month”.

He also claims that the fuel prices on petrol stations in Serbia will fall once the petrol companies take into consideration the lower prices of crude oil on world stock exchanges.

The drivers whose cars use LPG (liquid petroleum gas) are also in for a rude awakening, because the price of a litre of LPG went up by 3.5 dinars, with the current price standing at 78 dinars per litre.

“LPG is a fuel that reacts very quickly to the market conditions in the region and the environment. A huge percentage of this fuel is imported into Serbia. The factors that affect the retail price of LPG are the costs of basic raw materials and the demand. If the demand goes up, so does the retail price”, Tatic explains.

(Vecernje Novosti, 11.08.2018)



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