Friendship Park in Usce to get aquarium, roller coaster and panoramic ferris wheel

Vienna has the Prater, Copenhagen has the Tivoli Park, and Belgrade will soon have something very similar, at its Friendship Park (Park Prijateljstva) at Usce.

The draft plan for detailed regulation of the park Usce foresees numerous new attractions such as a Ferris wheel with panoramic views of Belgrade, a roller coaster, bob sleigh and an aquarium.

Also, the new building housing the Natural History Museum will be located in Usce.

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The main idea is to fill up the biggest park in Belgrade – the Friendship Park – with various content and attract visitors which are currently few and far between.

The panoramic Ferris wheel will be 85 metres tall and it will be taller than its counterpart in Vienna, which stands at 65 metres high and weighs 240 tonnes.

The Detailed Regulation Plan for the Usce Park is publicly available until December 13th. On December 20th, a public assembly will be held, in the presence of various commissions, and anyone wishing to express their ideas and remarks regarding the project is welcome to participate.

(Nova Ekonomija, 14.11.2018)


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