Fresenius Invests 16M Euro in New Factory in Vrsac

The new factory owned by the multinational corporation Fresenius and located in the Vrsac Technology Park is expected to begin operations on November 17th. It will be a long wait for the new hires.

The workers at the Fresenius branch in Vrsac are mainly women and their salaries amount to approximately 63,000 Dinars.

“Our trust in our workers was one of the main reasons why the representatives of this company decided to open the new factory in Vrsac and invest more than 16 million Euro,” emphasized Vojislav Bugarski, the Fresenius director of production.

The new 15,500 m2 factory in the technology park was built over the course of thirteen months. More than 4,000 people have applied to work in the factory, which specializes in dialysis machine construction and currently employs 675 workers.

Installation of three arteriovenous system production lines, which have been moved from the old production site, has begun. Before the official opening of the factory, the fourth production line will also be installed.

“In the new factory, PD-sets will be produced for the first time by November. In the next two years, we will introduce two additional production lines for arteriovenous systems and cases. This will require the hiring of an additional 400 workers,” added Bugarski.

The new Fresenius factory will mainly produce goods for export. Fresenius aims to produce dialysis machines for the Serbian and European markets. Once production is fully begun, the factory will produce arteriovenous monitoring systems fore more than 150,000 patients.

(eKapija, 06.10.2014)

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