French IT companies to come to Serbia ahead of Macron’s visit

French IT, transport and mining companies that want to cooperate with Serbia will come to Serbia ahead of the official visit of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. The value of the external trade between France and Serbia this year will exceed a billion euro.

The French Ambassador to Serbia, Frédéric Mondoloni says it is encouraging to see the cooperation between French companies with Serbia, highlighting investments in renewable energy sources as particularly interesting.

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Serbia is facing a new industrial cycle and a new industrial policy. This includes investments in mines with the goal of mining sector’s share in the GDP amounting to at least 5%.

French IT companies are also the precursor to the arrival of the French president to Serbia.

“We are present in railway infrastructure in Serbia, and we already have a few French companies, such as Schneider or Dassault, providing high technology here. The use of geothermal energy in Serbia is one of the opportunities, and we hope that when President Macron comes in mid-July, there will be an agreement covering that area,” said Ambassador Mondoloni.

France is a big investor in Serbia and business people from both countries agree that there is a huge potential for cooperation and that there is no economic segment that this cooperation cannot be increased.

(B92, 24.05.2019)


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