French Foreign Legion and 100 members of special units to accompany Macron in Belgrade

French President Emanuel Macron arrives on July 15th for a two-day visit to Belgrade, where he will be met by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Macron will be accompanied by about 100 French security guards. One group has already arrived in Serbia, where they are setting up a protection plan for the French president with the Serbian police and security services.

“France has a strong intelligence and security service called DGSE that is in charge of the plan. Close to 50 French security specialists were sent to Serbia prior to Macron’s visit to discuss security with their Serbian counterparts. They will check all the locations in which Macron will stay and the routes he will pass through. Our agents are working with French colleagues, including the members of the French Foreign Legion,” says a source for the Kurir daily.

During the two-day visit, 4,000-5,000 police officers will be engaged in Macron and Vucic’s protection, including the members of the MIA special forces and the Serbian Armed Forces, the BIA, the VBA and the VOA.

A member of the International Association of Police Chiefs, Marko Nicovic says the French president is one of the best-protected statesmen in the world.

Pharmaceutical and medical experts, as well as chemical weapons experts, will also be a part of Macron’s team during his stay in Serbia. They will be in charge of checking the Presidentćs food, in order to eliminate the danger of food poisoning. Also, his hotel room (he will probably stay at the Hyatt Hotel) will be thoroughly checked. Macron’s team usually brings their own sheets, towels and toiletries for the President.

Plan of the visit

The French President begins his visit on July 15th. The official welcome will take place in front of the Serbia Palace where he will meet with the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The two presidents are also scheduled to lay wreaths at the Monument to the Defenders of Belgrade, visit Kalemegdan, and at the end of the first day, have a dinner hosted by Vucic.

The second day of the visit is organized by the Embassy of France in Serbia. Macron will probably visit the Knez Mihailo Street, talk with representatives of the Regional Youth Centre, and meet with Serbian artists.

Closed streets

All the streets that Macron is planned to pass through will be closed for traffic. All the street shafts will be welded shut, and sharpshooters will be positioned on the surrounding buildings. People who live in the streets that Macron will pass through will be ordered to close their windows and draw the curtains. The members of the Serbian Gendarmerie will be deployed with full equipment. There will be close supervision of online communication between Serbia and abroad.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said earlier that about 20 agreements between Serbia and France would be signed during Macron’s visit.


During his official visit to Serbia, Macron will be served typical Serbian specialities, including sarma, proja, various pies, ajvar, an assortment of barbecued meats… Also, top Serbian wines will be served.

(PressOnline, 10.07.2019)

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