French company Trigano acquires Zastava INPRO

Only one bid was made at the second public call for the sale of movable property of Zastava INPRO, that of the French company Trigano.

The director of the Kragujevac-based company, Branko Veljovic, said that the commission had determined, following the opening of bids and the review of the documentation, that the procedure had been followed throughout. Veljovic announced that the agreement between Zastava INPRO and the French company, a long-standing partner of the Kragujevac-base enterprise, would be signed on Friday, August 19.

Trigano accepted the purchase of the equipment, in line with the conditions of the tender, for around EUR 287,000 and obliged to take 160 workers of the Kragujevac company, half of which are workers with disabilities.

Veljovic pointed out that Trigano would be obliged by the agreement to pay the remaining 90% of the selling price of the property and take the workers within seven days.

On 1st September, when the transition of ownership and classification of new jobs should be completed, the Kragujevac factory will operate under the name “Trigano trailers.” The production in the new factory will take place in the facility called Sivi Dom in the Zastava Arms division.

In the future, the French company intends to build a plant in an industrial zone of Kragujevac, in line with plans to increase production of trailers for export to France and the regional market. The French also want to diversify the production programme thus creating an opportunity for the recruitment of new workers.

(Danas, 17.08.2016)

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