French companies want to get involved in Belgrade subway project

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated today in Paris that the subway project in Belgrade had been discussed at her meeting with the MEDEF employers’ federation, the Government of Serbia said in a press release.

“Several French companies are interested in this project and we will continue working on it. A government task force for the Belgrade subway project has been formed. I hope that concrete agreements regarding subway construction will be made soon,” Brnabic said at the end of her official visit to France.

She said that, since 2018, when French companies were the biggest investors in Serbia, their presence in the country had visibly increased.

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“Around 100 French companies currently employ close to 11,000 people in Serbia, but I invited them to come in even greater numbers and invest,” Brnabic added.

In line with the contract signed with the Belgrade authorities, the French company Egis has drafted the Main Project and the Pre-Feasibility Study for Subway lines 1 and 2. Their Final Report has been approved by the commission in charge of this project stage.

Serbian Finance Minister, Sinisa Mali has already met with the representatives of French companies Egis and Alstrom and representatives of POWERCHINA to discuss the subway project.

The Serbian government has recently formed the task force for the project implementation, whose task it is to prepare acceptable technical, commercial and financial solutions for the implementation of this project together with POWERCHINA.

(N1, 20.06.2019)



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