Freelancers reach an agreement with Serbian government

The Serbian government said that it had reached an agreement with freelancers and so-called Internet workers about how they would pay taxes.

The government accepted a proposal by the Association of Freelancers and Association of Internet Workers to raise pre-tax earnings from the current 43 to 50 percent and allow them to register the years they have been working with the pension fund.

The agreement was confirmed by the Association of Internet Workers President Miran Pogacar who told N1 that the government amended its earlier draft changes to the law to meet the demands of the freelancers and Internet workers.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the Association of Internet Workers and the Association of Freelancers would appoint their representatives, who would participate in the working group tasked with elaborating new legal solutions. Bearing in mind that the Government of the Republic of Serbia has assumed the obligation to fulfil all the elements agreed upon at this meeting, the ongoing protests of freelancers will cease.

(Sputnik News, 21.04.2021)


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