Free legal assistance from a new lawyer call centre

A new call centre of the Serbian Chamber of Lawyers was opened yesterday. The Centre will provide to provide free legal assistance and advice.

The Call Center can only be used by local administrations and is not intended for direct contact with citizens. Citizens who need legal advice or assistance must contact the relevant municipal services in advance. After their request has been approved, the authorized person calls the Call Center and gives the necessary information, including the name and surname of the person who needs a lawyer and the body before which the procedure is conducted. The Call Center operator then contacts the lawyers to and gives details of the person who requested legal assistance.

The people who would be at risk if they had to pay court fees, as well as vulnerable groups, i.e. persons with disabilities, displaced persons, victims of violence, asylum seekers, and members of the LGBT population, are entitled to free legal assistance.

The law, which regulates these kinds of services, was adopted on 1 October 2019. Since then, a total of 15,000 requests for free legal assistance have been submitted and 1,902 have been approved. Most of the beneficiaries received the necessary assistance from the relevant services in local administrations, while 416 people were referred to lawyers.

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150 local administrations and more than 3,672 lawyers, who provide pro bono assistance, are registered with the register of free legal aid providers on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Since the Law also provides free legal support, that is, it provides information, filling out forms, notarial deeds and mediation in the resolution of disputes, the providers of these services are also in the Register.

(Vecernje Novosti, 14.09.2020)

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