Free entrance to Historical Museum on national holiday

This year, on 15th February, the Statehood Day of Serbia, the Historical Museum of Serbia will not charge admission to the museum.

In the exhibition area of the Museum, located in the Nikola Pasic Square, visitors will be able see a comprehensive multimedia exhibition “The End of the Great War 1917-1918”, plus  thematic exhibitions “Djordje Carapic Fusek, Secretary of the Royal Medal Office – Life and Work” and “Stamps of the First World War from the collection of the Historical Museum of Serbia “, as well as the recently opened guest exhibition of the Centre for Applied History “Saving Serbia: American Mission and Typhoon Epidemic in Serbia in 1915 “.

In this way, the Historical Museum of Serbia will to participate in the celebration of the Statehood Day, with the free admission to the museum on 15th and 16th February, as well as on 20th February when the Museum celebrates its 56th anniversary.

Also, as reported earlier, the Museum of Yugoslavia will also not charge admission fee apropos the Statehood Day.

The Statehood Day is marked in honour of February 15th, 1804, when the first Serbian uprising for liberation from the Ottoman rule began in Orašac, and in honour of February 15th, 1835, when the drafting of the Serbian Constitution marked the beginning of the modern state.

(RTV, 13.02.2019)



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