Free concerts on Milan Mladenovic Plateau in Belgrade

For several years now, Belgrade’s Dom Omladine has been staging free concerts on the Milan Mladenovic Plateau. This year, the concerts will take place on 21st June, on the World Music Day.

On Thursday, 21st June, at 20:00, a hard-pop band from Belgrade, Turisti will perform. The band was formed by Boško Bole Mijušković, the bass player of the Belgrade band “Straight Mickey and the Boyz”, who is also a member of the rhythm band called Škrtica, formed by Zoran Cane Kostić from Partibrejkers.

DFhor is the first children dance choir, led by Bojana Vunturišević, the former singer of the band “All on the Floor”, and they will perform on 23rd June. Their repertoire includes the songs of contemporary regional pop artists such as “Lolobridjida”, “Boys”, “Horkestar”, “Stray Dogg”, “Artan Lili” and many others.

The young underground rock band Johanbrauer will perform on 30th June. This band is only at the beginning of it career, but already has plenty of quite original songs and are seen by many as successors of the famous band Repetitor.

(Blic, 18.06.2018)


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