France wants Council of Europe to postpone its decision on Kosovo’s membership

France has asked members of the Council of Europe (CoE) to postpone the decision on Kosovo’s membership in the Council.

Although Albin Kurti’s government has constantly claimed that Pristina has fulfilled all the conditions necessary for membership in the CoE, countries with decisive influence such as France and Italy have long informed Kurti that the start of significant steps towards the implementation of the CSM (Community of Serbian Municipalities) agreement is an insurmountable condition for CoE membership.

The process seems to have entered a decisive phase and that the latest news for Pristina does not look pleasant at all. The last meeting of ambassadors is expected today in Strasbourg before the meeting of the Committee of Ministers, at which a decision on Kosovo’s membership will be made.

The Quint countries are said to have asked Kurti to make progress on the CSM issue by sending the statute to the constitutional court for consideration.

France, Germany and Italy are already of the opinion that Pristina’s membership in the CoE can be postponed until the moment when the government proves its commitment to the implementation of the CSM by sending the draft to the constitutional court, but such an approach was not supported by Great Britain, according to which the issue of the CSM should not be confused with the question of membership in the CoE.

In his recent phone conversation with Kurti, French President Emmanuel Macron, pointed out that, in the context of Pristina’s request for membership in the CoE, Paris attaches great importance to the progress in establishing the CSM, while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in a conversation with Kurti, emphasized the importance of Pristina’s concrete steps towards the establishment of the CSM and in the context of submitting an application for CoE membership.

(B92, 07.05.2024)

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