Four Serbian spirits among the best in the world

Taste Atlas has published a list of top spirits in the world, and as many as four Serbian spirits are on it, two of which are in the top 10.

According to Taste Atlas, Viljamovka, a type of fruit brandy that is distilled from Williams pear, is ranked sixth, with Dunjevaca right behind it, ranked seventh. Dunjevaca is a clear and colourless spirit distilled from ripe fermented quinces.

Rakija, which is a universal term used for various fruit brandies, is 24th, while the famous Sljivovica, internationally known as slivovitza, a clear, potent drink distilled from fermented plums, is 28th on the list.

The ranking is the following:

  1. Islay Scotch, Scotland
  2. Speyside Scotch, Scotland
  3. Lambanog, Philippines
  4. Anejo, Mexico
  5. Highland Scotch, Scotland
  6. Viljamovka, Serbia
  7. Dunjevaca, Serbia
  8. Armagnac, France
  9. Reposado tequila, Mexico
  10. Tsikoudia, Greece

(Vesti Online, 05.12.2023)

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