Four medals for Serbian students at the Mathematics Olympiad in Oslo

At the 63rd International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), held from 9th to 16th July in Oslo, Norway, members of the Serbian Mathematics team won four medals.

Gvozden Lapčević and Mateja Vukelić, students from the Belgrade Mathematics High School, won the silver medal each, while Milan Gelić from the same school and Andrija Živadinović from the Svetozar Marković High School in Niš won a bronze medal each. Also, two more Belgrade Mathematics High School students, Aleksandar Višnjić and Vukašin Pantelić were awarded commendations.

589 students from 104 countries took part in the official competition. The great results that were achieved are the result of many years of work and commitment, both by the students themselves and their teachers.

Dr Miljan Knežević from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade and Dr Vladimir Baltić from the Technical Institute of Electrical Engineering (VISER) were the team leaders.

(Politika, 18.07.2022)


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