Four medals for Serbian students at European Physics Olympiad

At the 5th European Physics Olympiad, held from 19-26 June online, the Serbian team achieved a remarkable result.

Dušan Beguš, a student of the Mathematics Gymnasium in Belgrade, won the gold medal, Petar Samardžić, a graduate of the Mathematics Gymnasium in Belgrade, the silver medal, Jovan Marković, a graduate of the Kruševac Gymnasium, the bronze medal, Momčilo Tošić, a graduate of the Svetozar Marković Gymnasium in Niš, the bronze medal, and Pavle Pakalović, a graduate of the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade received an honourable diploma.

46 teams participated in the Olympiad. The remote tests, as well as the preparations for the competition, took place at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade. The Serbian team leaders were the assistant professors of the Faculty of Physics, Aleksandra Dimić and Dragoljub Gočanin.

(RTS, 28.06.2021)


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