Four factories to be opened in Nis by late summer

Mayor of the Southern Serbian town of Nis, Darko Bulatovic said that four companies would open their factories in Nis by the end of the year – IMI, Zumtobel, Leoni and Johnson Electric.

They are expected to employ around 7,000 people. “A lot of the workers they are going to hire are engineers and highly educated people”, Bulatovic said while visiting the Lozni Kalem industrial zone, located at the entrance to Niska Banja.

According to him, the city of Nis has 70 hectares of land at disposal in its industrial zone. “In Lozni Kalem alone, we have 25 hectares of available land that has all the utilities and that is available to investors. In the Vinogradarski Institut zone, there is 20 hectares of available zone, and as much as land in the Medjurovo industrial zone too”, Bulatovic added.

He reminded that over the past few months, the state and the city have invested 230 million dinars in order to equip the Lozni Kalem industrial zone with utilities.

“Electricity, water and gas are provided, water and sewage grids are built, and we have built a total of seven roads, three kilometers long,” said Bulatovic.

According to Bulatovic, 25 hectares of land in Lozni Kalem is intended for tourism industry, i.e. construction of hotels,, spas and wellness centers and other facilities that could boost tourism in Niska Banja.

He said that a public call for the construction of a water park at that location would be launched soon.

(Nova Ekonomija, 15.04.2018)



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