Four factories expected to open in the next few months – 4,000 new jobs

The Ministry of Economy has announced that, by the end of 202,0 four new factories will be opened in Indjija, Aleksinac, Ćuprija and Zaječar respectively, all in the automotive industry, which will create a total of about 4,000 new jobs in the years to come.

The Japanese company Toyo Tires will open a production facility in Indjija, while the arrival of another Japanese company is expected in Novi Sad.

The Austrian company Magna, which produces upholstery for car seats, is due to open a new plant in Aleksinac by in Ćuprija, while the Irish company APTIV, which produces components for the automotive industry, should arrive in Zaječar and create with 2,500 new jobs there. The SMP Automotive Company also plans to open a factory in Ćuprija.

The first investment will be made in Indjija in October by Toyo Tires, one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of car tires, while the implementation of other investments is expected by the end of this year.

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The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, Dragan Stevanović, says that the value of this investment is around 390 million euro and that around 500 new jobs will be created in the future Indjija factory.

“The government has prepared a proposal for the next Economic Council to support this investment with approximately 41 million euro worth of incentives,” said Stevanović.

As for the other investments, also announced by President Aleksandar Vučić, Stevanović states that the opening of a new plant by the Magna company, which has been operating in Serbia (in the Vojvodinian town of Odžaci, to be more precise) since 2012, is planned in Aleksinac.

(Kurir, 15.09.2020)

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