Founder of We-The Voice of People leaves the opposition movement

The founder of the political group that was set to decide whether the Belgrade City Assembly would have a majority or fresh elections would have to be organized has quit the organization.

Branimir Nestorovic, founder of the We – The Voice of the People Movement, quit the organization after a disagreement with the leadership.

The ruling coalition looked to Nestorovic’s movement for support to secure a majority in the Belgrade City Assembly amid speculation that this might not happen. Nestorovic said on several occasions that his assembly councillors would not support anyone. Two of those councillors quit earlier.

The Movement said in a press release that there were “certain disagreements within the leadership, a group of seven founders, and that Nestorovic and Aleksandar Pavic quit the movement”.

“In the shadow of disagreements and insinuations against some of the founders, Branimir Nestorovic demanded to be made party leader despite an agreement to remain true to the original principle of a collective leadership made up of the 7 founders. Nestorovic did not win the vote and quit the movement,” the press release said.

Nestorovic and Pavic responded with their own press release saying that the remaining Movement leadership did not disclose everything that happened at the meeting. They said the press release should not have been signed with We – The Voice of the People.

They said that they did walk out of the meeting but did not quit the movement.

“The founders tried to reach agreement on how the Movement should be organized and re-drafted its statute several times but obviously we had different views,” the press release said.

The Movement has not been registered under the law on political parties and formally does not exist.

(Danas, 22.02.2024)

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