Fortenova interested in taking over the biggest Serbian cooking oil producer Dijamant

Croatia’s Fortenova Group, together with Agrokor, has offered to take over 3,85% ownership of the food company Dijamant from Serbia or 10,500  shares, and thus become the sole owner of Dijamant, according to a document of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Agrokor owns 96.15% of the shares, Dijamant 3.18% and the rest of the shares are owned by other natural and legal persons.

Fortenova Group, which was formed in Croatia after the collapse of Agrokor, offered 31,900 dinars for one share. The offer for the acquisition of shares will be open until March 10 and the payment is exclusively in cash.

Dijamant is a producer of cooking oil, fats and margarine, and in the offer, it is stated that the main activity of that company will not change, the business will be improved and investments will be made in further strategic development.

The implementation of strategic plans will not affect the employment policy and the situation of workers, including their financial position, according to Fortenova.

(RTV, 17.02.2021)


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